Amy Parks Heath Library

Welcome to Amy Parks Heath Elementary Library.

Amy Parks-Heath has a wonderful library!   We have over 17,000 items for students, teachers and parents to use for pleasure and schoolwork. Our library offers updated reference materials – both in print and electronic, a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books and a parent library area. Our goal is to nurture a love for literature, develop a life long appreciation for libraries, books, and reading.

Our library currently has 5 student computer workstations. Patrons may use these to do research, look up books and to write reviews on books they have read.

APHE Library services approximately 800 students, 70 staff members and many parents. Yes, parents can check out books, too! Thanks to the wonderful volunteer community at Amy Parks, we are able to have an open door check out policy. Students may visit the library whenever the need arises to return, renew, and check out books.

The library is available for use from
8:00am to 3:30 pm daily.kjones

Amy Parks-Heath Elementary School
330 Laurence Drive
Heath, Tx. 75032
School Phone
: 972-772-4300